Mindfulness and self-compassion between psychoeducation and clinical practice

International Online Conference 2021 November 27 – 28

Mindfulness and self-compassion
From schools to hospitals,
from therapeutic communities to prisons, from the corporate world to professional training and
psychotherapy in the form of mindfulness-based programs and clinical practice.
A real mindfulness revolution

Our intention

The practice of mindfulness has produced a radical change in the therapeutic landscape; a change that arises from the fruitful encounter between clinic and scientific research. In the design of this conference we wanted to respect this initial intuition to dialogue clinical interventions with the research aspects related to the process of change in psychotherapy and mindfulness based interventions. Faithful to the original spirit of mindfulness, the theoretical sessions will also be accompanied by experiential sessions that will allow to deepen both theoretically and lively the delicate process of inquiring. Particular attention will be paid to the development of mindfulness skills for mindfulness-based intervention teachers and for the development of a mindful attitude in the therapeutic relationship. The conference will conclude with a round table oriented towards dialogue between different clinical approaches, with the most significant Italian representatives of contemporary psychotherapy. (Download the program here in pdf)

From protocols to clinical practice

Mindfulness protocols provide valuable therapeutic tools that can supplement or support psychotherapy intervention. In this session Susan  Bögels will present the project and implantation of the Mindful  Parenting protocol while her clinical evolution in Reparenting will be presented by  Nicoletta Cinotti. Rebecca  Crane, creator of the MBI-TAC will accompany us with an in-depth intervention on the qualities of skills in mindfulness-based interventions.

This session, as well as the afternoon session, will end with two guided practices and a subsequent inquiring.

.Mindfulness e heartfulness

The integration between mindfulness and self-compassion is the theme of this session that sees the presence of Christopher Germer, creator together with Kristin Neff of Mindful Self-compassion program. Germer, an internationally renowned clinician, explored an approach to psychotherapy based on the principles of integration between mindfulness and heartfulness. Alessandro Giannandrea, will give a framework related to the phenomenological approach and tradition of Buddhist psychology tradition, while Maja Wrzesien, researcher at the University of Seville, will give a sharp picture on research in the area of self-compassion

Therapeutic presence and mindfulness skills

The theme of this session is to explore how the practice of mindfulness improves psychotherapy skills and how it can be integrated into the different clinical approaches presented in the final round table. Paola Mamone will explore the impact of the practice on the development of relational skills while Robert Brandsma will address the delicate theme of inquiring, a dialogical form of exploration typical of mindfulness-based interventions. The rich final Round Table will be coordinated by Maria Francesca Freda, Professor at the University of Naples and researcher in Clinical and Health Psychology

The community of practice

The morning session and the afternoon session will end with two meditations led respectively by Nicoletta Cinotti – to deepen the theme of Reparenting ourselves – and Paola Mamone  – to explore the theme of Self-compassion. At the conclusion of the practices there will be inquiring groups conducted by the team of instructors of Mindful Parenting, Italy Mindfulness and Interessere

Programme 27 November
Saturday > Morning

From protocols to clinical practice
Chairperson Paola Mamone – Italy

09.00|09.30 Welcoming participants

09.30|10.00 Mindfulness and Internal Family Systems
Nicoletta Cinotti – Italy

10.00|10.30 Mindful Parenting in challenging times
Susan Bogels – The Netherlands

10.30|11.30 Supporting Integrity with the MBI-TAC: cultivating competence in mindfulness teaching
Rebecca Crane – United Kingdom

11.30|12.00 Break

12.00 |12.30 Reparenting practice with
Nicoletta Cinotti – Italy

12.30|13.10 Sharing and inquiry in groups with facilitators

13.10|13.30 Plenary sharing

13.30|15.30 Break


Saturday > Afternoon

Mindfulness and heartfulness
Chairperson Nicoletta Cinotti – Italy


15.30|16.00 There is no raft: a radical phenomenology of consciousness as a tool for clinical practice and teaching mindfulness
Alessandro Giannandrea – Italy

16.00|16.30 Mindfulness, self compassion and Psychotherapy
Christopher Germer – USA

16.30|17.00 Attention and compassion in the clinical relationship
Maja Wrzesien – Spain

17.00|17.30 Break

17.30|18.00 Self compassion practice with
Paola Mamone – Italy

18.00|18.40 Sharing and inquiry in groups with facilitators

18.40|19.00 Plenary sharing

Programme 28 November
Sunday > Morning

Mindfulness and Therapeutic presence

Chairperson Alessandro Giannandrea – Italy

9.30|10.00  How the therapeutic presence improves competencies
Paola Mamone – Italy

10.00|10.30 Enquiry in mindfulness-based interventions: a technique and an art
Robert Brandsma – The Netherlands

10.30|11.00  Break

11.00|12.00 Round table “Mindfulness in the psychotherapy room”
Moderator Maria Francesca Freda – Italy


Andrea Bassanini – Italy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Laura Beccia – Italy
Schema Therapy

Nicola Petrocchi – Italy
Compassion Focused Therapy

Maria Beatrice Toro – Italy
Cognitivist approach

Alessandro Giannandrea – Italy
Analytical psychotherapy and existential anthropology

Nicoletta Cinotti – Italy
Interpersonal mindfulness

Paola Mamone – Italy
Self compassion in psychotherapy

12.00|12.50 Final sharing

12.50|13.00 Greetings

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Main Speakers

This project was born from the collaboration and friendship between Nicoletta Cinotti and Paola Mamone. They met thirty-five years ago and since then their paths have intertwined many times, a sign of a commonality of purpose and life. Today Nicoletta Cinotti directs Bioenergetica and Mindfulness. Centro Studi and Paola Mamone has established Interessere together with her practice partner and mindfulness teacher Anna Rossi, who is the organizational secretary for the conference. The intention and desire behind the
conference is to contribute to building a dialogue between the international community and the Italian reality – very rich and passionate – and leaders in the field of mindfulness and
self-compassion. It is a project that wishes open to new and future collaborations. The path, as the poet says, is made by walking.

The door in my heart
opened on its hinges,
and once more the gallery
of my history was revealed.

Once more the little plaza
with flowering acacias,
once more the clear fountain
telling its tale of love.

Antonio Machado

Nicoletta Cinotti

She has been practicing meditation since she was twenty years old and combines her mindfulness practice with the experience of Professor in body-oriented psychotherapy schools. She has written several books on the topic of mindfulness.

Susan Bögels

Professor of Family Psychology, at the University of Amsterdam, she deals in particular with mindfulness within family systems and child development. She is internationally known for her Mindful Parenting program that integrates both Schema Therapy and Self-compassion elements into the structure of an eight-week protocol

Alessandro Giannandrea

Alessandro Giannandrea is a Psychotherapist, specialized in Analytical Psychotherapy and Existential Anthropology. He obtained a PhD in Psychology, Psychophysiology and Personality and he is a University Professor in the in the Master Program on “Mindfulness: Practice, Clinical Studies and Neuroscience” at the Sapienza University, in Rome..

Christopher Germer

Christopher K. Germer, PhD, is a leader and pioneer in the integration between mindfulness and psychotherapy, Along with Kristin Neff, PhD, he structured the Mindful Self-Compassion program that integrates mindfulness and self compassion skills by providing an emotional resilience tool suitable for both clinical and psychoeducational contexts.

Rob Brandsma

Rob Brandsma is the founder of Centrum voor Mindfulness, where he is responsible for mindfulness teacher training MBSR/MBCT and Teacher Training in Self-Compassion MSC. His main interest is the application of mindfulness and compassion in daily life, particularly in health settings.

Paola Mamone

Paola is part of the Community of Thich Nhat Hanh and adds to her intense meditation experience the practice of teaching in the Master in Health Psychology and mindfulness training in the MBST program she created together with Anna Rossi

Rebecca Crane

Rebecca Crane directs the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University and is a prominent researcher on the development of mindfulness programs. Her main research interest is the integration between clinical setting and mindfulness based interventions. She is the creator of the MBI-TAC program for supervision in mindfulness.

Maja Wrzesien

Maya Wrzesien is a scientist  and mindfulness teacher who deals in particular with emotional regulation projects during the developmental age for both preventive and clinical purposes. She develops
research projects in the mindfulness area that she integrates with her activity as Professor
at the University of Seville.

Panel Discussion

  “Mindfulness in therapeutic setting”

Chairperson Maria Francesca Freda

Maria Francesca Freda

Ordinario, Università di Napoli

Paola Mamone

Self-compassion in psychoterapy

Each condition I flee from pursues me,
Each condition I welcome transforms me
And becomes itself transformed
Into its radiant jewel-like essence.
I bow to the one who has made it so,
Who has crafted this Master Game;
To play it is purest delight;
To honor its form – true devotion.

© Jennifer Welwood

Nicola Petrocchi

Compassion Focused Therapy

Laura Beccia

Schema Therapy

Andrea Bassanini

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Maria Beatrice Toro

Interpersonal cognitivism

Nicoletta Cinotti

Interpersonal mindfulness

www.nicolettacinotti.net. www.interessere.info


Scuola di Specializzazione in Psicologia della Salute Università Sapienza – Roma

SIPSA Società Italiana di Psicologia della Salute

Consiglio Nazionale Ordine degli Psicologi

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