Re-parenting ourselves

The way we have been parented (by our parents, siblings, teachers, grandparents, etc.) will influence not only the way we will parent our children,
and grandchildren, but also the way we will relate to those around us, partners, colleagues, friends, clients, students, and perhaps most importantly: the way we
relate to ourselves.
As children, we “internalized” the ways our parents and others responded to us when we were hungry, happy, sad, angry, afraid, when we could not sleep,
when we passed a test or missed it, etc. “Internalized” means that we made those responses “our own”, they have become “me”. But is this who we truly are
and who we want to be? In some ways, we spend the rest of our lives finding that inner child back, finding the “me” under layers and layers of learned responses.

In a retreat, in silence, with ourselves as our only company, we find our inner child back. The chattering of the mind quiets, we feel pure and raw emotions, we use our senses again the way babies do, and that’s why we can so immensely enjoy things like food and nature in a retreat and glimpse our connection with all the living beings around us. But that’s also why in a retreat we can feel naked and vulnerable, like babies do.
A retreat offers the opportunity to reconnect to our inner child (and as such, to the rest of the world). Like our parents and others connected to us from the moment we were born (and before), in each of us there is an inner parent, that can connect with our inner child, and take as best as possible care of what it needs.

Features of the Retreat

Relational mindfulness and self compassion

During this silent retreat we are going to practice both mindfulness and bodywork, focusing on relational issues through dyadic meditations and self compassion practices. Revisiting relational ruptures and repairing them with compassion represents the start of the path towards re-parenting ourselves.

The things that matter most in our lives are not fantastic or grand. They are the moments when we touch one another. Jack Kornfield

Why choose this retreat

Silence: the place for listening

Silence: a place and space in which we can focus our attention and truly listen.
One may think that silence is just one of the rules of the retreat, but actually it is more a practice within the practice that allows us to focus our attention inwards and acknowledge the quality of our inner eyes.
During this retreat, silence will be kept at all times except when working in dyads; during these moments we will express all that has emerged inside us during our silence.

The Body: a place for change

The body is our home in this life, but do we really inhabit it? The body is the place where we hold our early childhood experiences and our emotions The body is also the place where we structure our defences, the source of the obstacles on our path towards awareness.
For this reason, we will practice bioenergetic movement and bodywork, to wake up the body and open up the mind, because all lasting change has its true source in the body.

From September 12 – 16,  2020



A Casa Cares, in the heart of Tuscany countryside

Reparenting Ourselves Home and On Location Retreat, with the option of online participation only. 

The retreat will be held on location at Casa Cares, where both single and double rooms are available. The facility guarantees the possibility of complying with social distancing regulations. Those who participate on location shall receive the audio recordings of practices.

It is also possible to participate from remote and receive the audio recordings of practices, but video recording is not allowed.  

For those who choose to participate from remote, we suggest you find a reserved private space so you can stay in silence throughout the 5-day retreat.

 The retreat will held in compliance with the Covid19 regulations in force at the time.   


The retreat takes advantage of the experience of Susan Bögels and Nicoletta Cinotti, psychotherapists who have been practicing meditation for many years and who are specialised in Mindfulness and Schema Therapy.


Every day will include bioenergetic movement and bodywork sessions to wake up the body, soften the heart and open the mind.

Mindful Parenting

The Mindful Parenting programme provides specific mindfulness and self–compassion practices to help us reflect and disclose the relational ruptures we’ve experienced in our life.

The alternation of practices

7.30 -8.30 Physical work and meditation
10-13 Sitting meditation and walking meditation
15-18 Sessions of individual meditation and dyad meditation
21-21.30 Lovingkindness practice
First day – September 12 – the retreat begins at 9.
Last day – September 16 – the retreat ends at 16.

Interpreter Marina Petruzzi will be present to translate all content.

Why Choose this Retreat?

A place to feel at home

In Mindfulness, to return home means to return to the quality of our original mind.
In other words, to return to those qualities that lie hidden behind our defences and that are waiting to shine.

rooms with private bathroom

Twin room: €62,00 a day

Multiple room: €52,00 a day

Price reduction to groups of 30+ people.

contact casa cares

rooms with shared bathroom

Twin room: €57,00 a day

Multiple room: €47,00 a day

Price reduction to groups of 30+ people. 

contact Casa Cares

General information


How to sign up

How to participate

To sign up send an email to specifying your former experiences of meditation and retreat.
Priority will be given to those who have already attended silent retreats.

Cost of the Stay

The cost depends on what kind of room you choose. Casa Cares offers a variety of rooms with 2 to 5 beds, with both private or shared bathrooms.
You may book your stay directly with Casa Cares after paying the deposit to reserve your spot at the retreat.
Until the retreat deposit fee is paid, your booking will not be effective. Payment of the deposit the reservation of the room will not be effective.

Where is Casa Cares?

Casa Cares is in the town of Regello, 35 km from Florence, 60km from Arezzo and 100km from Siena.
You can reach Regello by train from Florence; a shuttle service will be available to take you from the station directly to Casa Cares. It is also possible to reserve a taxi.


  The cost of the retreat, excluding lodging, is € 600 for early-bird bookings made by 31 August 2020 and € 750 after this date.

To book your spot, a € 300 deposit is required; without the deposit, your registration will not be considered effective.

The payment must be made by 30 August 2020

Requirements for participations

You may request to register for the retreat by email at; in your email, please specify all former meditation experiences.
If necessary, we may request a brief interview before accepting registration.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel before August 20, 2020 you will receive a full refund, minus the cost of the bank transfer.

After this date, you will be charged 50 Euro for administration fees.
Cancellations made after August 30, 2020 will not be refunded.

Retreat’s trainer

Something more about us

Susan Bögels

Susan Bögels

Researcher, mindfulness trainer, psychotherapist

I am a professor in mindfulness at the University of Amsterdam,
psychotherapist specialised in cognitive behaviour, couple and family
therapy and mindfulness for children and parents. I love to research, write, teach, train, meditate and think. I practice mindfulness since 20 years. I’ve published books on Mindful Parenting and MYmind (mindfulness and yoga for children) for professionals, and parents and children themselves. I provide training in mindfulness for teachers and clients at the Center of Mindfulness in
Amsterdam and around the world.
You can find me at


Nicoletta Cinotti

Nicoletta Cinotti

Mindfulness teacher, psychotherapist

I am a psychologist and psychotherapist, I have been practicing meditation for 40 years, with different meditative traditions, and mindfulness for 15 years. I am a Bioenergetics Analysis teacher and an internationally accredited MBSR, MBCT, Interpersonal Mindfulness and Mindful Parenting Teacher. My passion for meditation and writing led me to write and recently publish my latest book “Writing the mind: how to prevent your mind from randomly writing out your life”. 

You can contact me at


Signing up is simple! Just fill in the form below or write an email to telling me about your former meditation and retreat experiences.
Your application will be examined and you will receive confirmation as soon as possible. As places are limited in number, priority will be given to those who have already attended silent retreats.

Tell me about your former experiences

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